07 / 07 / 2020 in Business Basics

3 Things You Need to Know if You Became an Accidental Entrepreneur

Have you found yourself in the role of “Accidental Entrepreneur”?


This pandemic has had a HUGE impact on all of us, there is no question about that… So many of us have been affected, not just health-wise or mental health-wise, but also financially. Many people have been forced to get creative and start their own businesses, in order to survive during this time.


Here are 3 things YOU need to know if you have found yourself in the Accidental Entrepreneur space:



These 3 simple things are by no means the ONLY things that you could be doing, as a new business owner; but it is sure to save you a world of headache and give you a pretty good place to start, if you’ve found yourself in the “Accidental Entrepreneur” space.



For more extensive detail on each of these steps, check out my most recent video, now available on my YouTube Channel… Click below to watch!

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