Tatiana’s book “Dream Bold, Start Smart” came as a result of a frequent “heartbreak” for prospective clients, who brought in sub-prime quality work, which cost them tens of thousands of dollars in overpaid taxes, mis-read metrics and chaotic bookkeeping. Nearly 90% of new client inquiries came with that quality of work. As Tatiana started comparing notes, comments and questions people had, she realized that there was a common thread among all of them: lack of pro-active advice. Further research has proven that IF ONLY folks who start a business did the initial basics right, a number of problems could have been avoided.



So Tsoir decided to bridge that gap and give people who have a business idea a simple system to skip the anxiety and avoid costly mistakes in the future. In “Dream Bold, Start Smart” Tatiana provides some basic evaluation and consideration points. The book is for someone who has a business idea but really cannot afford to lose money pursuing it. Tsoir believes that confidence and clarity in business depends on nailing the back-office (all things accounting and tax) fundamentals and this book will provide a simple system to do just that.



The book will be released in March 2021, but will be available for Pre-Sale in April 2020. Sign up to follow the author and be the first to know about her important work.

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